About Me

Who am I? 24601.

Hello there. Obviously, you're curious about me if you've clicked my "About Me" page. So, let me sate your curiosity. My name is Hayden Sharpe.

But not really.

Hayden Sharpe is my pseudonym. My nom-de-plume. My pen name. You know, the name you use when you don't want to use your real one? That's Hayden Sharpe.

Now, my real name is Abby. It's not short for Abigail. Just Abby. It's normally very good for my 'two truths and a lie,' which normally goes as follows:

"Hi, my name is Abby, short for Abigail. I've finished a first draft of a novel, and I've written and directed a play."

It's fun to mess with people.

So, I'm nineteen years old, and a sophomore at Miami University of Ohio. People still ask me if my school's in Florida... By now, I just smile and wave.

I grew up on Long Island, which I will always consider home. I'm planning on moving back to New York, because I need good bagels and pizza in my life. And garlic knots. And Carvel. And lox and cream cheese and blintzes and... I'm getting hungry and digressing.

Most of what you're going to find here is a hodgepodge of my interests. Mainly, though, I talk about books. Books I'm reading, books I'm writing, other literary exploits. I've gotten into reviewing books, so I'm going to do that as well. I'm into movies, which I might blog about or review. I like music, Broadway musicals, and taking pictures, so you might see some of that here and there. To be honest, most of this site will have books and book-related humor and commentary.

Why so much emphasis on books, you might ask? I've been reading since I was about two and a half. Reading has been an enormous part of my life, and I would very much like to do as much with books (be it reading, reviewing, and/or writing them) as I can before my time here is done. Everyone has stories inside them, myself included. My goal is to free the stories.

So, that's me. Long-winded and rambling. But also pretty casual, I think. Maybe too casual? I don't know. I managed to introduce myself, which is not a bad thing.